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Welcome to Privitium Publishers
. "Promoting Innovation for Sustainability"

Privitium publishes journals,monographs,webzines and newsletters for dessimation of innovative approaches for sustainable society. Sustainability can be achieved by the implementation of novel approaches to maximize the utilization of natural resources under socio-economic and environmental constraints.

In todays world, optimal management of water and energy resources can ensure sustainability in dependent societies. Privitium tries to promote such approaches which innovatingly assures sustainability.

We will like to invite scientist,faculties,students,activist etc from this field to participate and promote their innovative solutions in optimization of utilizing natural resources like water and energy.

At present Priviitum publishes five journals,four web-zines and four newsletters as given below :


International Journal of Water and Informatics(IJWI): "About the journal"/"View the Published Aritcles",
International Journal of Energy and Informatics(IJEI) :"About the journal" / "View the Published Aritcles",
International Journal of Hydro-climatic Engineering(IJHCE): "About the journal"/ "View the Published Articles",
International Journal of Water and Energy Nexus(IJWEN): "About the journal","View the Published Aritcles"
International Journal of Water Quality Modeling(IJWQM): "About the journal"/"View the Published Aritcles"


Baipatra : Water To Energy Blog : This webzine discusses about the various information for doing research in water based renewable energies. :

Climate Association : A group for discussing about the impacts of climate change and its effect on food and energy security.:

Utilize Optimally : The different techniques of statistics and soft computation to benefit water and energy researchers.:

Energy in Style : This webzine tries to publish articles which help to achieve sustainability by integrated utilization of water and energy.:

Research Methodology : This site shows you the application of new methodology to overcome common problem of research.:
Research meth


Hydrology Newsletter : "Receive updates about the latest on hydrology"
Hydro-energy:This newsletter is about the Sustainable sources of energy. Gives update about the latest in hydro-power.
Concept of Meta-heuristis: A tutorial on the concept of meta-heuristics like ANN,GA,PNN,PSO etc.
Call for Paper : receive regular updates on call for paper from different conferences,special issue and new journals from the field of water and energy.

Submit your manuscripts/article in our Journals/Web-zines/Newsletters:

To Submit a Manuscript in a Journal : Go to Call for Paper for Journals

To Submit a manuscript in a Webzine : Go to Call for Paper for Webzines

To Submit a manuscript in a Monograph : Go to Call for Paper for Monograph

To become an editor / reviewer go to Register. Select your member group as Editor/Reviewer and Private Message admin with your desire to become an Editor/Reviewer.

A new website for learning different data mining technologies


A nice website for learning different data analysis and mining technology which is useful for making a synthesis from a collected set of data.

Call for Special issue


Call for Special Issue in IJHCE : Minimization of Climatic Impact on Water and Water Based Renewable Energy Systems by Cognitive and Hierarchical Techniques

New platform for the journal launched successfully

IJEI NewsNew platform of International Journal of Energy and informatics launched
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